1/31 KISS MY ASS @ The Satellite 8PM
2/13 KissMyAss TOUR - San Fran - Docs Lab
2/15 KissMyAss TOUR - Portland - Comedy theatre
2/16 KissMyAss TOUR - Vancouver - Fox Cabaret
2/17 KissMyAss TOUR - Seattle - Jewelbox theatre

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Superstore on NBC

Pickle and Peanut on Disney XD

Review on Comedy Central/iTunes

Band of Robbers everywhere on demand

KROLL SHOW on Comedy Central/iTunes

Adventure Time Vol. 5 Ep. 11 on iTunes

The Watch on iTunes

21 & 22 Jump Street on iTunes


 Johnny Pemberton is a comedian, an actor, a writer, a mildly knowledgeable gardener, a reggae enthusiast, and a friend to both insects and mammals. He is the voice of ‘Peanut’ on the Disney XD program “PICKLE AND PEANUT”. He can be seen in the films “21 JUMP STREET” “22 JUMP STREET” “NEIGHBORS 2” “THE WATCH” “ANT MAN” “BAND OF ROBBERS” “THE 4th” and Armando Ianucci’s Oscar nominated film "IN THE LOOP". On Television he plays 'Bo' on NBC’s Superstore. Starting fall of 2016 he will star as Alangulon on the groundbreaking new FOX series “Son of Zorn” produced by Lord & Miller. Johnny is a nationally touring comedian and host of the vanguard podcast “LIVE to TAPE” on Feral Audio. Johnny attended Florida State University. He was born and raised in Rochester Minnesota. He lives in Los Angeles.